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A Roaring Good Time

Indigo Art Studio organized their first wedding event in September, a lovely time of the year, for a lovely couple. Jacky and Fandi are very chill, fun-loving people and their wedding party was no different. We helped them put on a fun-filled day for 80 of their family and close friends.

Held in an open field, we set up tents for the dining, bar area and DJ booth. Although that time of the year is meant to be fair mostly, Dali weather could be fickle and the couple wanted to be safe and provide shelter for their guests. Luckily, the Gods were with us and we had lovely blue skies throughout the day.

We used local Bai style low tables and benches for the dining area, keeping the vibe casual and fun. We pimped them out with indigenous indigo-coloured table cloths, wild flowers and faux candles that never blow out. We hung our signature handmade jellyfish lamps, in addition to tiki lamps we had all around, adding to the party atmosphere. The couple also had the environment in mind as they provided guests with reusable enamel cups. A lovely reception area was setup displaying photos of the couple’s civil wedding which took place weeks before.

To automatically take the fun-level up a few notches, the couple made it an animal affair – requiring all their guests to dress up. We provided props and makeup for those who wanted to enhance their looks onsite. And if that wasn’t enough for a few laughs, lots of ice-breaker and improvisation games definitely broke the laugh-o-meter.

We worked with the Backyard, a favourite restaurant of the couple’s for the catering. Yummy cocktails came from the best bar in Dali, Woods and Weeds. We set up a DJ booth, bonfire and dancefloor, with DJ Akupunktur providing groovy tunes deep into the night.

Big thanks to Jacky and Fandi who were dream clients. Congratulations again and here's to years and years of eternal bliss!

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