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We're Limay and Arthur,

a Singaporean-French couple who met in Shanghai and decided to swap the fast pace of city life for a slower one in the countryside of Dali.



Moving to Dali, the countryside of China in Yunnan, marked the beginning of our new life as we knew it. We had enough of the crazy city life in Shanghai, working at a creative agency like maniacs from morning to night, 5 days a week, sometimes more, to earn enough money to keep us in this city so we could keep working like maniacs. Hmm....

Long story short, we packed our bags, got married along the way and headed for the clean air, good water and tranquility of Southwest China, Dali. For those of you who knew us, this was 7 years ago! So actually this "new" life is just, life, now.

It's not like we boycotted technology and all things modern to hole up in a cave without running water and electricity in a bid to find our true selves, but we've definitely taken it down a notch. The result, I think we've created our own brand of life where we strike a good balance between creature comforts and authentic living. Without the same pressures of before, i.e. money and time or the lack thereof, we are more equipped in so many ways to live (how we want), work (on what we believe in) and play (when we choose).


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

We created Indigo Art Studio, in a bid to further blur the lines of work and play. We wanted to put our creative experience to use, but on our terms. We are both passionate about art and design and through different mediums we explore and create objects that are handmade and authentic. From metal sculptures to vintage lamps, crochet toys to jellyfish lights and outdoor events, it's hard to put a label on it. "Stuff we think is cool", would come close.


These days, our newest 'thang' is being healthy. (Finally!) We've totally revamped how and what we eat, so expect to see some news on food from time to time. We've also been pretty good with the whole exercise thing. We're doing yoga every morning, swimming once a week, HIIT-ing it up a couple times a week. We're feeling sprightly! Anyway, it seems we are always trying new things. I do hope we always keep learning and evolving, and becoming better version of ourselves. Inshallah.


So I hope that we'll keep each other company through this website and that you'll join us on our personal, social and artistic adventures in Dali and beyond.


Thanks for reading!


Limay & Arthur

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